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Google Search Update 18th July 2019

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Google Search Update 18th July 2019

We have seen a lot of drop in the traffic of a few mobile utility websites plus we have seen a lot of drop-in niches like Meds, Entertainment, Audio, Video and few more of our websites has taken by storm. We still hope this was just a rollout and once it will settle down, traffic will be normal. Google search update has now coming up regularly this might have been the 27th from the last 4 months.

Entertainment Niche Early Stage Drop

Now if you see the above image you could clearly see the difference in the stats.

Newly Started Meds Niche

This stats also show the same drop in the traffic for the same time. This search update is going on even when I’m writing this blog I’m checking my sites and they are going up and down.

Now I have a graph which also very new but this update has brought some light over the product see the below image

A Fashion entertainment Blog

Not a very old website but still what our researchers have found in this case, makes us think that there is an update going on. I hope this update push will help few websites at least.

The only niche which has slightly gone better in this update, which has a healthy number of visitors on it is shown in the below image

A health Niche And An Old Website

Whereas some of the websites have taken some advantage over this update some have lost some traffic. The google search update is still rolling out. I think it will take this weekend for things to settle down.

There is no confirmation from Google twitter or any other news about this update. Our stats and article are based on our research over google algorithm and its update.

Can not mention the Niche here, It’s a mobile phone related website

People who are running a healthy website with quality SEO and are not worried about google search update. I think its time to get worried! Google is bringing so many updates every passing weeks and month from the start of this year. This google search update is not a core algorithm update but however, if you see the above image you will notice that the traffic has slightly shifted positive and negative at the same time. The graph is shaky and shows that there is an update rolling out.

Well, let’s wrap it up for now! I think this update is not a big search update however it will help few sites to rank better and some sites will lose some traffic.

In my personal opinion after the new google webmaster, The coverage issues that people are facing is causing a lot of issues to a number of websites. I would suggest everyone, especially admins and webmaster’s to focus on building content that is comprehensive and to the point. Try creating the best User experience and see the results.

Leave your feedback in the comment section and also leave any information you have about this google search update

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