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Ringtones not just an utterly niche, A business of Millions, immensely used by Billions

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Ringtones not just an utterly niche, A business of Millions, immensely used by Billions

Well, The title almost said it all in one line. But yet again here I’m writing on ringtones and it’s obvious I will write for my favorite ringtones website i-e https://www.mobilesringtones.com. The title I selected for this post has a hidden reason If anyone could ever find it out just drop it in the comment ;). Ringtones, I don’t think I have to explain from where it started and for how long it has been around. Today I want to write about Ringtones Business. I have covered the topic some 3 to 4 years back, but I guess few things have upgraded and my information regarding this niche has also explored by me. Ok #ringtones. A one of a kind and special product for almost every person who, Today owns a cellphone, or soon he/she will be part of this ringtones world.

The Market is widely spread across region to region, Religion to Religion. You people will be surprised to know that all of us, including Muslims, Christians, Hindus we have tendencies of being a true follower of our religions when are holy day are around. Let say for a Muslim when Eid is around more Islamic ringtones are searched and are used as caller tunes same goes in the holy month of Ramazan. Similar to Islam, Christianity has the same, when Christmas is around with new year and Halloween all these keywords ringtones are searched more from normal usual days. Even WordPress asked me to use “Capitalized character of the word H-alloween else it’s green.”, So you can figure out how these things are connected, Well I took you deep into my words with this. So what I’m trying to say is people who follow any religion are seen using holly ringtones on particular holy events.

Now lets come to Music, Films, Cartoons, Games, Ringtones are around when super Mario was played. Even today you will find a ringtone of this particular sound that used to play when Mario bros enter into a tunnel and few more similar to this game are found on various websites. Cartoon characters such as pink panther, Tom, and Jerry, etc small under 14 seconds music are used as mobile ringing tunes. When it comes down to films the market expands and high potential customer market opens up. India being the most populous country in the world has almost 10 different movie/film industries which release movies every weekend and not just one the number of releases is very high. Considering that figure and the amount of money used in producing songs of those films the expectations and the fan following has turned it well for the ringtones market. Today people are seen using different HollywoodBollywood, music songs as mobile ringing tunes. A normal song or even a popular song from a popular artist like Justin Bieber or even from late Micheal Jackson. Even these old folks music songs are now turned into ringtones and are used across the globe, depending upon the popularity of the artist, film, or a music video.

Now Let’s get down to the default ringtones and remixes and other popular mobile brands ringtones and how they have been using ringtones to market their handsets. The first one to use this type of strategy was none other than Nokia. The 3310 and the after back models all used particular sound section which even today have downloaded in millions. Apple INC saw it all happening and used almost the same criteria for their audio section. iPhone became the most popular brand in the world and yet the one thing from where it all started was its unique and different iPhone ringtone. The ringtone was later remixed and new versions were brought by different people even people played that same music on guitars and pianos even those small tunes are downloaded thousand times in a day. Remixes ringtones are created with will almost every music sound that is available online. Today some people do it for habit some are doing it for serious business purpose. YouTube and Google are full of web site’s that are providing thousands of ringtones, even Google Play is filled with ringtones, Notification ringtones, iPhone 6 ringtones even model names apps are available for ringtones particularly.

Each day a new handset is bought in a family which already owns almost 3 phones. It’s not me its the figure from the popular ANR news channel. The world is getting smaller more and more people are blending into the technology world. Today the mobile phone has reached to tribes, rural areas, farmers everyone. And as I said every person who owns a phone is a potential customer for any ringtones website. The particular word ringtones are searched over a million times and you can see it all on google Adwords. apart from this word, there are thousands of other keywords which relate to this very niche.

In the year 2000, a company naming Mobile Ringtones made some millions of $ and the Japanese ringtones market alone was worth 3.5 billion $. Today with this fast-growing technology we are getting bound to electronics. These small under 10 seconds or probably 20 second doesn’t fall under and copyright violation and Simple DMCA policies are easy enough to handle this niche. The most popular website today is a company naming Z. I don’t want to give them Any PR. 🙂 they have gone global and now have offices worldwide. And is listed as a public limited company in NewYork stock market.

So in nutshell the ringtones market is full of website that is enjoyed by almost everyone, every age, no matter where you belong from where you residing or even if you are not even born, Tomorrow there will be new phones buyers and some of those will be first time buyers and they will use these small mp3 ring tones as their mobile ringing tune.


Below I have shared the content of my promoters, MR these word stands for MobilesRingtones. It’s not that mp3 ringtone company which I have mentioned up there in my post. It’s Mobiles the other billion $ company was Mobile. Though the small change in the name. Probably they are the same ringtone people who are running this and even own few more like them.

This website is unique and stylish in its own way they have walked extra miles in everything to do with music ringtones. They have so far produced, Directed in regards to music instruments played by the owners and I have all seen this with my eyes. So for me, this website is the best ringtones sharing website out there serving millions of audience and will continue to do so. The website MR works with different types of ringtones focuses on the quality of ringtones and its legality. The company works with different content partners and are open to revenue sharing. It will be the first of its kind a ringtones market will work as to how YouTube and it’s market works. The website has different section such as best ringtones, latest ringtones, etc. The website also has a default ringtones application published at PlayStore under the company naming Watermelon Tech.

A promotional video of the future of ringtones.

I’ll be covering another article about the Future Of Ringtones, And believe me I’m putting the time in it to figure out how it will be. Time is flying anyways I hope you have enjoyed this article and the promotional ringtones video of MobilesRingtones.Com. I will continue to write on different


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