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Google Search Update

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Google Search Update

Hello, Folks recently few webmasters asked me about a google search update? They are seeing a lot of variation in their traffic, however, Google has not verified anything on this update yet. I have checked a few niches of my clients and I see there is a spike up and spike down. One of the big niches that might have got away from search would be a music website. Illegal music website is gone from the search.

If this update turns out to be a core major update, It will be the second in the same month. The first took place on 1st August, Whereas this is 13th August update. Maybe an update before Indian National day, When the company has an Indian CEO. This might be coming from there.

Google Webmaster Central posted 6 hours ago, This means there is indexing issue plus a cover-up for a core SEO update, Probably the latest SEO search engine update.

And here is a word from Danny, Google indexing has been an issue for very long, And now they play smart, even for a search major core update, they say it an indexing issue. Well Someone needs to step up and explain why indexing issues coming every weekend. Webmaster’s should be acknowledged at least about the update, instead of trolling them on the internet over different questions.

” Danny Sullivan from Google told me on Twitter that Google will share more details about the indexing issues, where Google was not able to index new content for about a 24-hour period. He said Google will post time frames and post notes about the impact in Google Search Console after Google does its internal assessment of the issue.”

I will be sharing more about the update stay tuned on this post. I will update it with images of various products and niches.


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