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WMT/Corporate Office & Co-working Space, Misused/HACK/Attacked/ Blackmailed, Notification

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WMT/Corporate Office & Co-working Space, Misused/HACK/Attacked/ Blackmailed, Notification

Watermelon Tech, Co-Working Space is misused/ hacked and blackmailed in or to Sabotage the Company Foundation. This High profile hack could be a Personal Grudge of an Individual or a Group, trying to make Negative outcomes of our resource. Any company or individual who has any information on this kindly contact us, we are trying to locate the hacker, or that company involves in doing all this.

We have recovered a few assets including the email of the C.E.O which was hacked including a few other people’s emails was also hacked and found various claims made on our names, we will try and approach the correct Authority to suspend all those claims. After this WMT has canceled all Operations in WMT Work Space and is suspended until further info is released. We have received an email on one of our official’s account and a person asking us for money through bitcoin and claiming that he has access to his accounts passwords and personal data, we have the email with us as a proof, that this was all a strategy to blackmail.

We first took action against the Co-working space users, of two branches but we found out, the attack was from outside, A number of products and email with similar passwords are one of the biggest reasons, so far about this security breach.Old emails and domains are also attacked, we are one of the few most uniquely handled Co-working Spaces, and with so many competitors this attack could be from anyone. But we will soon be conducting a special meeting to find out whether it was our Co-Working Competitors

We have suspended 18 of the Company products under the same threat. We will be soon asking from our hosting providers to help us to track our attack. All our client’s products and venture partners product has cost massive outbursts on us, we are trying to handle the current situation, if you or your company have been Malliously/Fraudently been approached with our names kindly provide any details you found.

Once are internal inquiry is finished we will inform the local body in order to restore our workplace’s trust and will conduct a further inquiry on this with Authorities. WMT will not continue as Co-working Space, until we found the individual/group, till that only officials are available for office work.

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