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COVID 19 Stats Pak – coronavirus statistics Pakistan – Lahore – Karachi

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COVID 19 Stats Pak – coronavirus statistics Pakistan – Lahore – Karachi

COVID 19 Stats Pakistan – coronavirus statistics Pakistan – Lahore – Karachi – Islamabad

On Thursday, the total number of death in Pakistan because of Coronavirus has increased a total of 63 people lost their lives. Today government officials took tests of 44,896 people and yet cases confirmed within the past 24hrs is 167 whereas in the capital Islamabad 1 person died because of covid 19. We pray for every Pakistani and suggest everyone stay at home and don’t go out unless it’s very important. Maintain social distancing and make sure you wash your hands for 20 seconds, 30 to 50 times in one day. If you feel any type of symptoms in your body that is of COVID 19. Don’t take it lightly. Call the emergency service helpline 1166

The death rate in Pakistan is growing but the numbers can be controlled by adopting proper measures. Coronavirus stats for the whole Pakistan is displayed in the below image which was update at 4-9-2020

Covid 19 statistics Pakistan were updated at 4-9-2020

Coronavirus 19 statistics of Thursday, 10 – 2020 Lahore COVID 19 stats, Islamabad Covid 19 stats, Karachi Covid Stats all these coronavirus stats are gathered from the official website of the Government of Pakistan to ensure that whatever we are punishing here is authentic.

COVID 19 Stats of Pakistan for Thursday, These stats were updated at 4/9/2020

Stats updated on 4/8/2020

Coronavirus is spreading, Took lives of 4 people on Wednesday 4/8/2020 COVID 19 stats Pakistan. The position of Pakistan is getting serious as each passing day we are witnessing unfortunate deaths of COVID 19 patients.

The above stat was updated on 4/8/2020 from the official website of the Government of Pakistan COVID 19 website.

So far COVID 19 stats show that Pakistan is now under serious threat of coronavirus. Especially Punjab and Lahore is the center.

Covid 19 Stats Pakistan updated on 4/8/2020

The below image is the data collected from the Pakistan official COVID GOV website. Any information cited here is collected from the official Pakistan government CoronaVirus PANDEMIC website. Get COVID 19 stats of Lahore, Islamabad, and Karachi. 4/8/2020

These COVID 19 stats are taken from COVID GOVERNMENT WEBSITE OF PAKISTAN this stat is for the day 4/7/2020

Within the past 24hrs total number of new, confirmed cases are 577, whereas unfortunate 4 deaths, the total number of people were tested 3,088 and till now total test that is taken place are 39,183

Pakistan is facing critical time and people who are looking for actual COVID 19 Pakistan Stats, keep visiting our website, We will be updating on a daily basis. Below Images show the total number of cases of 07/04/2020.

This stat is for the day 4/7/2020

If you see thee below image and review the graph of COVID 19 Statistics you will see that there is a big drop in the number of cases reported daily. This may be because of the lockdown and people are too scared to go out and get themselves checked.

This stat is for the day 4/7/2020

This stat is for the day 4/7/2020

Punjab and especially Lahore are becoming the center of coronavirus spread, however, it all started with Sindh and Karachi but now the trend as you can see in the coronavirus statistics graph is shifting towards Punjab and Lahore.

This stat is for the day 4/7/2020

And if you the COVID 19 STATS Pakistan, The demographics show that it’s spreading more in males rather than females. But yet we can’t say anything right now. It’s just a coronavirus statistics report of Pakistan.

This stat is for the day 4/7/2020

So far Pakistan has witnessed a minimal number of Deaths compare to that of the United States and the whole of Europe for the argument. And we hope it stays as low as possible.

This stat is for the day 4/7/2020

The below graph is the COVID 19 Pak Stats by cities, And if you see the stats it’s clearly Karachi on the top and Lahore just a few percents down although it first started in Karachi and they did well and responded promptly.

This stat is for the day 4/7/2020

We will be sharing the live statistics of COVID 19 the term commonly known as CoronaVirus. The virus is not new for mankind, although this 19th member of the Corona family is super reactive and the only way you can keep yourself away from this virus is to follow what the government has stated.

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